Fox and the Red Hares are an American rock band from Riverside, CA consisting of Justin Lee Fox (lead vocals, guitar), Jose Nevarez (drums), Jeff Subauste (bass) and Lucas Schneider (keyboards, harmonica).

Described as “Dark Alternative Americana”, they take influence from a multitude of artists, genres, and styles (including punk, alternative, country, R&B, folk, goth, and soul), their resultant sound is intense and often morose, but it’s not without a light side.

“There are songs about murder, drug addiction, jealousy… wealth being a punishment instead of a reward.” But there are also songs about having the undying support of loved ones, or sincere hope and yearning to right past wrongs.

The group released their debut album, Flightless Bird & Other Tales, in November of 2015. Their second album, Last Letter From Queensland was released March of 2018. Both are available here in the web store, as well as all the major online music stores and streaming services.

For more information and booking, please visit their Facebook page, email them at info@foxandtheredhares.com, or call 570-RED-HARE (570-733-4273)